George's Creek Regional History Exhibit Catalog
George's Creek Regional Library, Lonaconing, Maryland

Clothes Cabinet - A
  • Brown dress and jacket worn by Mrs. John Alexander, wife of the founder of the town of Lonaconing, circa 1840. (Donated by James Bishop.)
  • Three purses: one black beaded, one silver chain links, one flowered brocade.
  • Black hat worn by Jenn Holmes' grandmother. (Jenn Holmes graduated Central High in 1917.)
  • [White fringed shawl for display purposes only and not part of the exhibit.]

Free-standing Clothing Rack - CR
  • White baby dress from the Atkinson Family, circa 1890's.
  • White graduation dress worn by Jenn Holmes, Central High School, Class of 1917.
  • Central High cheerleading uniform (orange & black skirt and jacket with "beanie" hat, circa 1950-1953).
  • Gold "midi" blouse and white bloomers, gymnasium attire at "Old Central," worn by Anna Mae Morton, circa 1925. (Donated by Boyd family.)
  • Warm-up jacket; black with gold ribbed collar and waistband - Central School, circa 1930.
  • Black wool sailor-collar blouse and pants (World War One Navy uniform), worn by George Kelly.
  • Westmar High School band jacket and trousers. (Donated by Kelly family.)
  • Two Goodwill Fire Company dress uniforms, including one pair of black dress shoes and two caps; one cap matches one of the uniforms, one cap is older.
  • Lonaconing City Band drum major's uniform jacket and trousers, beige with gold; white "fur" shako (tall hat) with orange plume and gold braid eagle is on top of Display Cabinet C.
  • Lonaconing City Band member's orange & black satin uniform blouse and cummerbund; twill trousers, jacket and "beanie" cap, circa 1950's.
  • Central High School black & orange twill band jacket and cap, circa 1950.
  • Westmar High black and beige wool warm-up basketball jacket with patch "State "B" Champs, 1958, Maryland, 1959, W. M. I. Champs.
  • Two black blouses and one long black skirt, circa 1900, belonging to the William Workman Smith family.
  • Valley High School black & white basketball short-sleeve uniform with warm-up jacket and gym bag. (Donated by James Stakem.)
  • Valley High School graduation mantels; long, narrow, black scarves with dates: 1954-1989. (Hung by the History Room's flags.)

Wall Display
Wall between Clothing Rack (CR) and Display Case A
  • Georges Creek Watershed Association framed photo collage of projects and mission statement, 2006. (Various awards presented to this group are at other locations throughout the History Room.)

[Robert & Allan Haugen made donations to the purchase of Display Cases A-E
in memory of their parents, Joseph & Mary Haugen.]

Cabinet Top Display
Arrayed on top of clothing and display cabinets A , B and C
  • Framed photograph of Lonaconing's Main Street, circa 1948.
  • Old miner's metal lunch bucket.
  • Bass drum from the Lonaconing City Band, used from the 1920's until Band disbanded.
  • Original bass drum from Lonaconing City Band; older than 1857.
  • Handbill for celebration of 93rd anniversary, 1950, of the Lonaconing City Band.
  • Framed photograph of Central High School "declamation championship," 1927; winners William Sloan and Emilie Eisenberg with school principal Arthur F. Smith.
  • Identifying logo shield carried at the head of the Lonaconing City Band; orange circle with initials "LCB."
  • Numerous old photographs are displayed in all cases of the exhibit. Subjects are: area landmarks, schools (activities, awards, personnel), churches, businesses (including the railroad, silk mill, and glass, coal and mining companies), community organizations (city band, fire company, etc.), and local families.


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