George's Creek Regional History Exhibit -- Catalog
George's Creek Regional Library, Main Street, Lonaconing, Maryland

Shelf Cabinet B
    Shelf 1
  • Antique greeting card.
  • Benzer Lens, headlight made for a New York automobile manufacturer by the Lonaconing Glass Company.
  • Vinegar jug from Richmond's Grocery.
  • Shelf sitter depicting the Lonaconing Main Street, circa 1926.
  • Stereoscope and postcards.
  • Glass milk bottles from the Dashiell Diary, Midland, and the Llewellyn Brothers Dairies.
  • Carbonated beverage bottles from the Lonaconing Bottling Works (later Hohing).

    Shelf 2
  • Small china berry bowl depicting a Lonaconing Main Street scene, made in Germany for the Sloan family.
  • Glass cane made by the Lonaconing Glass Company. (Donated by the Staup family.)
  • Currency issued by First National Bank of Lonaconing, dated 1905.
    Shelf 3
  • Lonaconing Glass display: pitcher, pair of candleholders, cream and sugar, drinking glass, glass cane, chains and bracelets (known as "whimsies"), candy dish. (Donated by Thelma Inskeep).
  • Lonaconing Silk Mill display: labels from bales of raw silk from the Orient, skein of raw silk, large winding reel, bobbins, spools, employee list, labor agreement copy. (Donated by Herb Crawford.)
    Shelf 4
  • Small china plate made in Germany for the Sloan family.
  • Detmold School bell.
  • Central/Central High School display: Glass paperweight with photo of Central High School library; Central High girls basketball trophy for 1916-17; numerous individual copies of Central High School's newspaper, The Orange and Black, circa 1920 to 1953; Central High School pennant, pencil, band letter, and sports letter; Commencement Program 1944; inkwell from Old Central; Central yearbook.
    Shelf 5
  • Valley High School memorabilia.
  • Central High School promotion certificate.
  • Jackson School promotion certificate, 1910.
  • Apron and photograph of Miss Teeny Holly, local family's cook/maid.
Shelf Cabinet C
    Shelf 1
  • Old grocery tins from Richmond's store.
  • Antique milk pitcher, circa 1880's.
  • Three Imperial Sugar spoons.
  • Fenton (contemporary collectors series) dinner bell, commemorating the Iron Furnace.
  • San Toy Theater 1911 memorial service program.
  • Hair tonic bottle from Myer's Drug Store. (Donated by Joseph Schlereth.)
  • Lemon extract box from Myer's Drug Store.
    Shelf 2
  • Junior Order of United American Mechanics memorial program 1911.
  • Church bulletins and programs from Barton United Methodist, First Presbyterian, First United Methodist (Methodist Episcopal), and Grace Methodist.
  • Methodist Episcopal Church cook book and history.
  • Paper weights with photographs of the Methodist Episcopal (First United) and First Presbyterian churches.
  • Plate commemorating First United Methodist Church's 100th anniversary.
  • Grace United Methodist Church Christmas ornament.
  • Antique milk pitcher.
  • Barton United Methodist Church Christmas ornament.
  • Wooden cross made from original doors, 1920-1999, Barton Methodist Church.
  • Two catechism books from Scotland, 1869.
  • John Wesley Hymnbook, Lonaconing Methodist Church. (Donated by Sally Schramm.)
  • Stock certificate for First Presbyterian Church, 1913, owned by Miss Jessie Orr
    Shelf 3
  • Typical miner's lunch box with pie tray.
  • Contemporary mug honor coal miners.
  • Early 1900's miner's cap with lamp. (Donated by Henry Stafford.)
  • Oil and kerosene refill cans for miners' lamps carbide light with original box. (Donated by Joe Hadley.)
  • Handmade miner's pick found in abandoned coal mine (Donated by Tom Clise.)
  • Iron spike, Koontz Mine.
  • Contemporary miner's hard hat.
    Shelf 4
  • Bible dictionary written by Thomas Jefferson. (Donated by Hanson Brown family.)
  • Liberty Trust Bank (Lonaconing) deposit bag.
  • Lonaconing Water Company Rules and Regulations book, June, 1953.
  • Western Maryland Poultry Association Award (trophy - J. T. Miller), January 1912.
  • Lonaconing City Band cymbals; hat from original uniform (donated by Robert Hyde); uniform top and cummerbund; four band-related photographs.
    Shelf 5
  • James W. Thomas, History of Allegany County, 2nd volume, 1924?.
  • J. Thomas Scharf, History of Western Maryland, vol. II only, 1882? 1968?.
  • J. William Hunt, "Across the Desk," a Cumberland Times-News column, complete set of twelve volumes from 1945 to 1968. (Donated by Letty Dillon Johnson.)
  • Model size reproductions of the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad cars named Barton, Lonaconing, and Midland.
  • Model size reproduction of a West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company railroad car. (Donated by Lois Schramm.)
  • Western Maryland steam engine shelf sitter. (Donated by Ella and Darius Green.)
  • Deane E. Mellender, Rails to the Big Vein; the Short Lines of Allegany County, Maryland: the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad, the Georges Creek and Cumberland Railroad, the Cumberland and Westernport Electric; Potomac Chapter, National Railway Historical Society, 1981.


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