George's Creek Regional History Exhibit -- Catalog
George's Creek Regional Library, Main Street, Lonaconing, Maryland

Wall Display
Wall between Magazine Rack and Display Cabinet D
  • Photo collage and history of Phillips Flower Shop, 1907-mid 1970's. (Donated by the Phillips family.)

Display Cabinet D
  • Hazel Thompson Craig. Becky Lou in Grandmother's Day, 1968. (children's book by a former Lonaconing resident.)
  • James W. Thomas and T. J. C. Williams. History of Allegany County. 1923?
  • Scrapbook of Lefty Grove memorabilia
  • Ruth Bear Levy. Wee Bit of Scotland.
    [See the Library Small Reading Room for four framed prints of paintings by Levy depicting her life in Lonaconing.]
  • Complete Works of Robert Burns, 2 volumes, originally from Scotland, rebound. (Donated by William C. Abbott.)
  • Life of Robert Burns (J. D. Sutherland); "Robert Burns," Poet of the Democracy series. rebound. (Donated by William C. Abbott.)
  • Framed medallion and portrait of Burns above display cabinet. (Donated by William C. Abbott.)
Window Display E
  • Lefty Grove baseball cards, signed baseball, and 1929 Philadelphia Athletics photograph (American League Pennant winners). (Donated by Richard Grandstaff.)
  • Grove's golf club and rule book. rebound. (Donated by Robert "Fish" Muir)
  • American League Most Valuable Player, 1931. (First one presented.)
  • Silver tray presented to Grove by the Boston Sports Lodge, B'nai B'rith, May 8, 1955.
  • Framed photograph of Grove holding the MVP trophy. (Donated by Robert L. Brown.)

Miscellaneous Item
Black shawl with braid: oldest item in History Room Exhibit; worn by Mrs. Muir (early Scottish immigrant to Lonaconing, circa 1845)


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