George's Creek Regional History Exhibit -- Catalog
George's Creek Regional Library, Main Street, Lonaconing, Maryland

Filing Cabinet A
    Drawer 1
  • Central and Valley High School Yearbooks. (Donated by Joseph Haugen family.)

    Drawer 2

  • Allegany County and George's Creek and Surrounding Area, and some Garrett County and West Virginia material: Maps, postcards, newspaper articles, "Westvaco Inspirations for Printers."

    Drawer 3

  • Lonaconing Photographs and Postcards: Local library's history, notable local citizens, businesses, clubs and organizations, school diplomas.

    Drawer 4

  • Local Family Histories and Genealogy Information: Published information -- 7 pamphlets of 1787 censuses for various Virginia counties; Loudoun County Virginia Marriages, 1760-1850; Marriages 1753-1856, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; Known Military Dead During the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783 by Clarence Stewart Peterson; Burials in Sunbury Memorial Park, Sunbury, Delaware County, Ohio; First Methodist Episcopal Church Frostburg Church Register 1838-1852; Early 1700's and 1800's Records, Hampshire County Virginia (now West Virginia) by Clara McC. Sage and Laura S. Jones; Marriages and Deaths from the Cumberland Alleganian, Cumberland, Maryland, May 16, 1864-May 1, 1867; Genealogy Gleanings, 12 issues), Marion County, West Virginia; The Old Pike Post Genealogical Society of Allegany County, Maryland, issues from 1990-95.

    [Families contributing information: Bittinger/Bittner/Biddinger/Bidinger, Boston, Broadwater, Downeys from Ireland, Wm. Dando, Duckworth-Ross, Fazenbaker, Groves, Hoffa, Loar, Michael, Moody, Mowbray, Orr, Ross, Sass, Shaw, Stafford, Staup, Sween, Thompson, Van Meter, Weir, Werner]

    Drawer 5

  • Lonaconing Bicentennial Homecoming, 1976; Thomas and Williams 1923 History of Allegany County; Ternent family Bible.
Filing Cabinet B
    Drawer 1 and 2
  • Lonaconing History: Local library, clubs, schools, businesses, Lefty Grove, Lonaconing Hall of Fame, Dan's Mountain State Park, floods, iron furnace, glass plant, coal mining, churches, celebrations, outstanding citizens, poems and stories, silk mill, sports, wars and military.

    Drawer 3

  • Maryland: Maryland magazine.

    Drawer 4

  • United States History: Old local newspapers' accounts of historic events; e.g. President Kennedy's death, moon landing, etc.

    Drawer 5

  • Vintage magazines


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