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Display Cabinet F
    Top Shelf -- Booklets, Pamphlets, and Brochures
  • George Ternent and Sons, 100th Anniversary, 1885-1985.
  • Lonaconing Iron Furnace Dedication, June 27, 1982; refurbishment of furnace and establishment of the park.
  • Lonaconing's Jubilee, Sept. 1 - 7, 1907; 70th anniversary of the town.
  • Soldiers Homecoming, World War II, July, 1946.
  • Cumberland Daily News Souvenir Edition, featuring Lonaconing Homecoming and Centennial, July, 1937.
  • Old Home Week, August, 1927.
  • Good Will Fire Company Anniversary booklet.
  • Post Office Special Cancellation for Lonaconing Sesquicentennial, 1985.
  • Antique Sacred Songs book, American Society of Christian Endeavor.
  • Employee Magazine, Davis Coke Company, December, 1916.
  • Windows to the Past; Allegany County anecdotes written and contributed by Betty Van Newkirk.
  • Plaque commemorating importance of the Iron Furnace; sold for fund raising, circa 1985.
  • Composition books from Old Central School.
  • Annual Reports, Inspector of Mines, Allegany and Garrett Counties.
  • Antique 19th century eye glasses.
    Bottom Shelf
  • 19th Century washboard.
  • Lonaconing Health Clinic basket, uniform and equipment; first facility in town, sponsored by the Red Cross.
  • Early dental tools used by Dr. Gorman Getty, first town dentist. (Donated by James Ritchie.)
  • Fort Cumberland Bicentennial Program, 1932.
  • History of Allegany County; History of Western Maryland.
  • Early 19th century feathered hat. (Donated by the Atkinson family).
  • Newspaper article, 1998, featuring placement of Lefty Grove trophy; written by J. Suter Kegg who was instrumental in George's Creek Valley's retention of the trophy.
  • 1931 edition of New York Weekly featuring Lefty Grove with first Most Valuable Player trophy. (Donated by Robert Burns of Delaware.)
  • Deane Mellander, B & O Thunder in the Alleghenies; features the Scenic Railroad.
  • Ross Grenard and John Krause. Steam in the Alleghenies -- Western Maryland. (Donated by Patrick Stakem.)
  • Historic Clarysville Inn menu, 1807.
  • "Allegany County -- 200 Years, 1789-1989".
  • Iron shoe-making last.
  • Memorial card from funeral service for Lefty Grove (1975), Eichorn Funeral Home.
  • "Heritage Weekly," featuring Lonaconing, 1978.
  • Spinning wheel from Lonaconing Silk Mill (1937-1957) (Donated by Herbert Crawford.)
  • Plaque displaying mounted 1920/1930 film advertisements from Bob Marshall's Confectionary, as presented at the San Toy Theater, with note of 1953 admission prices. (Donated by Robert and Ann Brown.)
Display Cabinet G
    Shelf 1 -- Left Half
  • Cumberland Times newspaper concerning World War II events.
  • World War II ration book of Martha Dillon.
  • Bradstreet financial listings book (includes George Ternent family business).
  • San Toy Theater programs, tickets and advertisements, 1927 and 1955 (Donated by Edyth Smith.)
    Shelf 2 -- Left Half
  • World War II (1945) gas rationing stamp book.
  • Antique fans from local businesses.
  • World War I uniform and hat.
  • Photograph of World War I, 1919, victory parade in Barton.
  • Newspaper of World War II events.
  • World War I War Department checks; individuals donating to the war effort.
  • World War II military greeting cards.
  • Lapel pins signifying donation of time or money to World War I war effort.
  • Lonaconing Savings Bank book.
  • Collection of sales slips and promotion items from local businesses.
  • Ceramic doorknob found in 1980's archeological dig of Lonaconing Main Street (relic of 1882 town fire?).
  • Telegram received by the mother of Alvin C. Neat, Lonaconing's first World War II casualty.
    Shelf 1 -- Right Half
  • Georges Creek area resources for the production of pig iron at Lonaconing's Iron Furnace, a display by Dr. Stanley K. Dickinson of various stages of iron production. Iron ore samples found in surrounding mountains; pig iron bar made in Lonaconing's Iron Furnace, circa 1850; framed rock strata item above Cabinet G.

Cabinet Top Display
Above Display Cabinets F & G
  • Allegany County, Maryland, Rural Cemeteries. Genealogical Society of Allegany County, 1990. 284 pages.
  • Cemeteries, Churches and Funeral Homes, pages 690-835 of unknown history work.
  • Early Settlers of Allegany County. (List of settlers in 1787: name, rank, regiment and lot number of the 50-acre lots given to Maryland soldiers serving in the Revolutionary War.)
  • Harvey, Katherine A., editor, Lonaconing Journals: The Founding of a Coal and Iron Community, 1837-1840. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1977.
  • Heritage Press, monthly, reprints; Volume 1, Number 1, November 1971; Volume 1, number 1, September 1972; and Number 12, Bicentennial issue.
  • Lonaconing Post Office Record of Money Orders, 1872-1892.
  • Payroll, Georges Creek Coal and Iron Company. 1906 June through 1907, November, and two other ledgers.
  • Perpetual Building Association of Lonaconing, Maryland. August 28, 1875 through August 25, 1877. (Acted as a bank before there was an official one.)
  • Richards, Thomas Witner and Sally Miller Atkinson. The Lonaconing Legacy, Its Cornish and Scottish Sons and Daughters. 2000. 384 pages.
  • Savage, William C. "Monument to War Heroes, Pride of Lonaconing" and "Remember When" [looseleaf scrapbooks].
  • Scott, Harold L., Sr. Incredible, Strange, Unusual...Customs, Legends, People, Tales, Events, Cumberland and Allegany County, Maryland. Cumberland, Maryland: 2001. 144 pages.
  • The Shield, Valley High School, Lonaconing, Maryland. Vol 1 number 1, December 22, 1954 through Volume 6, number 8, June 1, 1960. (8 issues yearly.)
  • Stegmaier, Harry J., et al. Allegany County, a History. Allegany County Commissioners, 1976. 474 pages.
  • Wolfe, George ("Hooper.") I Drove Mules on the C and O Canal. Dover, Delaware: Dover Graphic Associates, 1969. (Also 16 page supplement.)

Cabinet Top Display
Framed Items on Top of Display Cabinets F and G
  • Central Elementary and High School, 1960.
  • Main Street of Lonaconing, circa 1950.
  • Newspaper clipping collage concerning Arthur Francis Smith, 1940's principal of Central High School.
  • Memorial fountain in front of the Chesapeake and Potomac Railroad Depot, Lonaconing, 1927; fountain is now located in West Main Street parklet.
  • Miners in front of Detmold Mining Stable, 1920.
  • Old Jackson Mine #3 (insets of some employees), Lonaconing, early 1900's.
  • World War I celebration for returning Lonaconing soldiers, 1919.
  • Central High School state debating team, 1918.
  • Detailed schematic drawing of Lonaconing Iron Furnace.
  • Map and schematic of area rock strata; part of Dickinson display.
  • Sloan & Son General Merchandise, company store for the Georges Creek Coal Company, 1909 calendar.


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