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David Beeson, Fitness Instructor
Instructors are available at all times to supervise the operation and insure the safety and well-being of the program participants.

Karen Rogers, Fitness Instructor
All instructors are fully trained to help you reach your fitness goals.

Dick Bucheimer, Fitness Instructor
Instructors are here to answer any questions you may have about your progress to better health.

Leah DuRant, Fitness Instructor and Owner
The RE-GENERATION FITNESS program was designed by the fitness center owners, John and Leah DuRant, specifically to help people in the 30+ age category to acquire better health and greater physical stamina by means of an easy and highly effective workout program.

John DuRant, Fitness Instructor and Owner
Please feel free to contact RE-GENERATION FITNESS to discuss your particular needs and requirements - we’re always ready to answer questions and provide information about our program, our facilities, and about general physical fitness.

Please phone us at 301-694-5757 or email us at owners@re-generation.biz.

Re-Generation Fitness, Frederick, Maryland; hydraulic circuit physical fitness center locally owned and operated by Leah DuRant and John DuRant in the Frederick Towne Mall

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