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Re-Generation Fitness is a locally created and owned hydraulic fitness cener, designed for the fitness needs of men and women aged 30 and older. Although hydraulic resistance exercise equipment sometimes is used in a body-building program, the Re-Generation Fitness center is not intended as muscle building gym.

Re-Generation uses only equipment manufactured by the Hydraulic Fitness and Rehabilitation Equipment Company of Houston, Texas. All of the machines are manufactured in the USA and have been designed to exceed the exacting standards of the Rehabilitation industry for safety and efficiency. These exercise machines are designed to produce low impact, steady resistance to the muscles without the heavy static load of hard to control free weights and universal type machines.

These hydraulic excercise machines have conveniently located, resistance adjustment knobs to offer personally designed workouts which will meet the needs of both those with under-developed muscles and those with superior muscle strength. The principal equipment is twelve types of hydraulic machines, each focusing on different muscle groups throughout the body.

The Re-Generation Fitness center is located in the Frederick Towne Mall with convenient parking out front - look for our sign from the parking lot. Housed in a converted banking office, with the vault and service counters left as is, the fitness center has a bright, airy, well-lit, and interesting interior.

Please feel free to contact RE-GENERATION FITNESS to discuss your particular needs and requirements - we’re always ready to answer questions and provide information about our program, our facilities, and about general physical fitness.

Phone us at 301-694-5757 or email us at owners@re-generation.biz.

Re-Generation Fitness, Frederick, Maryland; hydraulic circuit physical fitness center locally owned and operated by Leah DuRant and John DuRant in the Frederick Towne Mall

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