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John DuRant

"I am a little troubadour, a troubadour I've been, for three score or more in this little isle of green . . ." .


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John DuRant, the Old World Troubadour, has recreated the times and personality of an original strolling troubadour, when such people were the only general entertainment available to audiences in the many villages and small towns of Europe and Colonial America. Vocals, instrumentals, jokes, and storytelling were the mainstay for those strolling entertainers, as they are for John now.

Over the past many years, in various historically accurate costumes of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, John has performed both inside and outdoors (in all varieties of weather) for audiences of a dozen and audiences of thousands throughout the Mid-Atlantic region - principally eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. His cable TV show for children, which ran for over five seasons, was distributed throughout the Frederick (Md.) area.

A highly skilled singer and lutanist, his repertory of songs stretches from Medieval music to modern American folk music, including Colonial American and Civil War period material - all presented in his own highly entertaining style. Unlike many performers, John sings and plays entirely live-on-stage - complete with the occasional breaking lute string restrung "in real-time" to the accompaniment of suitable jokes and stories.

Gatehouse Stage - Md.Ren.Fest.

New Market Days, new Market, Md. Troubadour For Hire

Business Address:
John DuRant
P.O.Box 111
Braddock Heights, MD 21714

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