John DuRant
"Scotsman dressed in kilt left the bar one evenin' fair. And you can tell by the way he walked that he drank more than his share . . ." .


Cafe & Tavern Entertainer

"A fat, sizzling goose roasting over a roaring tavern fire; home-brewed ale out of a big wooden barrel; enchanting tunes from a well-played lute; the crystalline sound of a skilled troubadour singer" - but only a lost world of very long ago. However, John DuRant Old World Troubadour, lutanist and singer, has recreated this idyllic time (minus the warm flat beer, the smoky chimney, and the half-raw goose!)

Strolling indoors among elegant guests at the beautifully decorated Hagars Colonial American Tavern as the diners enjoy some of the finest foods and beverages available in Maryland. Or outdoors under the canvas roof of the White Hart where the costumed patrons bang medieval-style goblets and battered pewter tankards on the beer stained, rough timber tables. John has a large repertory of songs and stories appropriate for all occasions and all manner of audiences (or audiences with all kinds of manners!)

A welcome and very well known perennial performer at the White Hart Tavern (Maryland Renaissance Festival) and similar sites throughout the Maryland and Virginia festival circuit, John's show is more than singing and lute playing - "Jonathan Strum" is a true showman troubadour entertainer of the "first water."



New Market Days, new Market, Md. Troubadour For Hire

Business Address:
John DuRant
P.O.Box 111
Braddock Heights, MD 21714

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